Terraforming Earth

In the year 2200 -- 185 years from now -- will Earth as we know it look the same?

Or will we build giant space mirrors, melt the ice caps, abandon our coastal cities, and enjoy a global paradise?

What if Alaskans and Brazilians alike could enjoy a temperate climate -- 70 degrees every day with mild humidity and plenty of sunlight to go around?

Sounds good to me! But how?

Simple enough in concept: We divert some sunlight from the equator and redirect it towards the higher latitudes.

In fact, the same concept serves as a potential solution for global warming and climate change. Too much sunlight, too much energy being pumped into the system? No problem -- reduce the input.

But before any of this can happen, we have to develop space. If we can't manufacture the mirrors, goodbye global paradise.

Of course, climate science will have to make some advances too. It might take us a while to decide that it's actually an idea worth pursuing. Some will insist that we don't know the consequences of our actions. But in the end, we'll probably try it and see, because doers run the world.

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